Drinking: A Love Story Fun Activities

Caroline Knapp
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Telling stories of drinking

What stories do students know about people whose lives were ruined by drink? What brought about their downfall? How did they hide their drinking all along?

What stories do students know about people who recovered from addiction? How did they recover? What kind of help did they need? What did they have to change in order to live without alcohol--or other substances?

What kinds of stories can students tell about people who have tried to ruin their lives, even unconsciously, with addiction? What fueled their self-destructive behavior? How was it curbed? Why was it not?

In *what* veritas?

Ask students to list the places where they are encouraged or allowed to speak their minds or to act without inhibitions.

Role playing

Ask students to prepare and perform (read) their dramatizations of what must go through an anorexic's mind with regard to food.

Drinking poems

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