Drinking: A Love Story Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Caroline Knapp
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Essay Topic 1

How does the theme of Knapp's split personality--or compartmentalized personality--develop throughout the book? Use specific examples from the chapters. Is she one person? Is she more than one person? What do each of the people inside of her want? Does she seem pathologically self-divided, or does her self-division seem natural?

Essay Topic 2

The book concludes with a moment of truth in which Knapp realizes that she can't keep drinking. What leads her to this realization? Was it a real revelation, or was it something that she was led to over time?

Essay Topic 3

What is Knapp's relationship with her family like? Do they lead her to drinking? Do they lead her out of it? How does her relationship with her family change over time?

Essay Topic 4

How does Knapp's relationship with drinking change over time throughout the course of the book? Be specific in citing examples...

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