Drinking: A Love Story Character Descriptions

Caroline Knapp
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Caroline Knapp

This character details her struggle and love story with alcohol throughout the book.


This character is the narrator's long term love interest.

Father - Peter Knapp

This character is a distinguished psychiatrist who was deeply admired by others in his field.

Mother - Jean

This character is small and artistic, yet reserved.

Andrew Knapp

This character is the narrator's younger sibling.

Rebecca Knapp

This character is the narrator's twin.


This character was in an on-again, off-again relationship with the narrator.


This character was one of the narrator's friends. She would have anonymous sex with men because she could not imagine having sex without drinking.


This character began binge drinking and eating to soften the pain she always felt, although as her bulimia lessened, her desire to drink became greater.


This character is a former alcoholic who had a long family history...

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