Drinking: A Love Story Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Caroline Knapp
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• Knapp describes the effect of alcohol on her life.
• She quit drinking after she almost seriously injured her friend's children.

Chapter 1, Love , (pg 1-10)

• Knapp's mother confronts her about her drinking after finding a bottle Knapp had hidden while her father was dying.
• Other drinkers make Knapp feel that her drinking is alright because at least she wasn't as bad as they were.

Chapter 2, Double Life I, (pg 11-27)

• High-functioning alcoholics like Knapp can be productive even as they're drinking.
• Knapp establishes a theme when she describes the split between her drinking life and her professional life, and how her drinking eventually affected her work.

Chapter 3, Destiny, (pg 28-55)

• Friends of Knapp's turned to drink for various reasons; Lauren because alcoholism raged in her family, Abby after her brother killed himself.
• Knapp's first experience with drinking came at an early age; her father's family was familiar with...

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