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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What thoughts overwhelm the narrator?
(a) Thoughts about death.
(b) Thoughts about his father's final hours.
(c) Thoughts about women.
(d) Thoughts about escaping Russia.

2. What does the narrator learn months later from Mr. Bond?
(a) Charlotte died in September a year earlier.
(b) Charlotte has moved to Moscow.
(c) Charlotte is very ill.
(d) Charlotte is under arrest.

3. Who is Beria?
(a) The narrator's mother's uncle.
(b) A French baker.
(c) A Russian leader who stalks women.
(d) The crazy man next door to the narrator.

4. What does Pashka ask of the narrator?
(a) To introduce him to a girl.
(b) To lend him some money.
(c) To stay and look at the stars.
(d) To teach him to dance.

5. Why does the narrator lie to Pashka?
(a) The narrator does not lie.
(b) To convince Pashka to do something for the narrator.
(c) To appear more knowledgeable.
(d) To placate Pashka.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the narrator surpass Charlotte?

2. Why is the narrator not allowed to travel to the USSR?

3. What does the narrator do that makes him feel comforted?

4. What does the narrator have difficulty reconciling?

5. Who is Pashka?

Short Essay Questions

1. What catches the narrator's attention almost obsessively?

2. What does the narrator relate about a man named Beria?

3. What does the narrator do about three years after staying in the tombs and why was it difficult to do? How did he overcome the difficulty?

4. What does the narrator learn from Mr. Bond about Charlotte in the last chapter?

5. How does the narrator's encounter with the girl with russet-colored hair occur and how does it work out between them?

6. What does the narrator do upon returning from Russia?

7. How does Pashka feel about the narrator's new popularity and what does Pashka do about it?

8. What does Charlotte's last story for the narrator tell him?

9. What story does the narrator relate to Pashka?

10. What does the narrator do after he accidentally insults a girl at a dance?

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