Dreams of My Russian Summers Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What does the narrator say about what makes French women alluring in photographs?

The narrator discusses what makes French women so alluring in photographs. He calls the classic look on their faces, the slightly pursed lips, "petite pomme" as what he finds attractive in them.

2. What memories of women does the narrator think about?

The the narrator recounts memories of all the strong women in his life and writes about his maternal grandmother, the daughter of Norbert and Albertine Lemonnier.

3. What does the narrator spend a lot of time doing and what is one photograph that seems out of place?

The narrator spends a lot of his time flipping through old family photographs. The narrator discovers a photograph of a scruffy-looking woman wearing a man's shapka, clutching a baby to her breast. This photograph seems out of place next to other photographs in the albums.

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