Objects & Places from Dreams of My Russian Summers

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Object Descriptions

Verdun - This is the rock that Fyodor hands to Charlotte when he approaches her during the victory parade in Moscow.

Izba - This is a crowded dwelling where classic Russian babushkas live.

Western Glade - This is the building in Saranza where Charlotte lives.

The Siberian Suitcase - Charlotte has used this throughout her entire life to carry around newspaper clippings and old photographs that hold significance in her life.

Moscow - This is the city where the narrator and his sister live when they are not visiting with their grandmother.

Boyarsk - This is the village where Charlotte grows up and also where she returns to be reunited with her mother at the age of twenty.

Paris - This is the city where Albertine's family lives.

Au Ratafia de Neuilly - This is the cafe Charlotte conjures up for her grandchildren when telling them about...

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