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Lisa See
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much rice is each peasant given per day?
(a) One cup.
(b) A quart.
(c) One-half cup.
(d) Two cups.

2. What do Joy and Z. G. do in Canton?
(a) Fight.
(b) Make plans.
(c) Make love.
(d) Cry about Joy.

3. What does Joy realize by the messages in the shoes?
(a) Her mother is well.
(b) Her mother is in grave danger.
(c) Her mother is trying to escape back to America.
(d) Her mother has not forgotten her.

4. What does the mandate involve?
(a) A crop that has not been grown in China until now.
(b) Using more machinery.
(c) To see which commune can harvest their crops the fastest.
(d) Digging miles of trenches for the water.

5. What does the commune leader announce that is mandated by the government?
(a) A new crop.
(b) A contest.
(c) A new irrigation system.
(d) A new type of farming.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does everyone on the commune worry about concerning the upcoming winter?

2. Why is Pearl delighted when she returns from work one evening?

3. What does Kumei admit to Joy?

4. What will Feng Tao supposedly do in Shanghai?

5. Alongside whom does Pearl work?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Pearl find has arrived one day after returning from work?

2. Why does Pearl apply for a travel visa?

3. What is Tao's reaction to his new daughter and what does Joy decide about the child's name?

4. What does Pearl send Joy and what does Joy do with the articles?

5. What are indications that the famine caused by The Great Leap Forward is progressing horribly?

6. How does Z. G. arrange for the group to get out of China?

7. How does Z. G. decide to get Joy away from the commune?

8. What crop is to be planted the following year and why is this a poor decision?

9. About what does everyone worry on the commune and what does Tao's family do to try to fend off the anticipated problem?

10. What gives Joy hope as she boils her new shoes?

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