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Lisa See
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the brigade leader continue to expect?
(a) Propaganda classes in addition to the full day of hard labor.
(b) Gourmet meals.
(c) A full day's labor.
(d) Double production.

2. What is the problem with planting wheat?
(a) The birds eat too much of it.
(b) The mice eat too much of it.
(c) The high humidity spoils wheat.
(d) The soil is not right for wheat.

3. What is Tao disgusted with Joy?
(a) Because she wants to go back to America.
(b) Because she wears dresses.
(c) Because of her paintings.
(d) Because she loves a female child.

4. To what does Joy think the people are blind?
(a) The government's abuse.
(b) The way so many of the communes members are dying.
(c) The way the brigade leader lives.
(d) Imminent death.

5. What are Z. G. and Pearl's reaction to what they see on their drive to the commune?
(a) Rage.
(b) Incredulity at the wasted harvest.
(c) Horror at what they are witnessing.
(d) Indifference since it's almost as bad in the city.

Short Answer Questions

1. What stage of starvation are the peasants entering?

2. What does Dun recognize as symbolic of extreme distress?

3. What is valued over performance?

4. What does Joy request of Tao in front of the commune?

5. What are sparrows, rats, insects, and flies considered?

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