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Lisa See
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the brigade leader say about Yong?
(a) She is a hero.
(b) She is a victim.
(c) She is a parasite.
(d) She is doing more than her share of the work.

2. With whom does Kumei have a disagreement?
(a) Yong.
(b) Joy.
(c) The brigade leader.
(d) Tao.

3. What does Pearl say about Tao?
(a) He is sorry for what he did.
(b) He is an evil man.
(c) He is a good man in a bad situation.
(d) He is doing the best he can.

4. What does Tao not do after Joy gives birth?
(a) Help Joy recover.
(b) Name the child.
(c) Come to look at his child.
(d) Talk to the doctor about Joy's condition.

5. What is the problem with planting wheat?
(a) The mice eat too much of it.
(b) The high humidity spoils wheat.
(c) The birds eat too much of it.
(d) The soil is not right for wheat.

6. What do Joy and Z. G. do in Canton?
(a) Fight.
(b) Cry about Joy.
(c) Make love.
(d) Make plans.

7. How are Pearl and Dun married?
(a) By the building supervisor.
(b) In a government ceremony.
(c) They decide to wait until they get to the States.
(d) In a Buddhist temple.

8. Why does Pearl apply for paperwork to visit the Green Dragon Village?
(a) Because Joy is pregnant.
(b) To try to get Joy to leave the commune.
(c) To take Joy maternity clothes.
(d) To take Joy vitamins.

9. What requires that every pair of hands work nonstop?
(a) The overseer.
(b) The upcoming festival.
(c) The harvest.
(d) The Great Leap Forward.

10. Where is May to meet the group?
(a) Taipai.
(b) Hong Kong.
(c) Tokoyo.
(d) Beijing.

11. Who is fed first when there is food?
(a) The most productive.
(b) Males.
(c) The elderly.
(d) The youngest.

12. What does Joy request of Tao in front of the commune?
(a) Food.
(b) His blessing on his baby.
(c) A divorce.
(d) Nothing.

13. Where is everyone when Z. G. and Pearl arrive at the Green Dragon?
(a) Working in the rice paddies.
(b) On the road to a larger commune.
(c) Gathered at a public criticism.
(d) Either dead or in their homes too weak to work.

14. What work does Pearl do?
(a) Cleaning the canning pots.
(b) Stoke the blast furnace.
(c) Grinding wheat.
(d) Cooking for the harvesters.

15. What does the voice over the loudspeaker announce?
(a) One of the workers is pinned under the tractor and help is needed.
(b) Help is needed in the rice paddy.
(c) Everyone is to gather at the canteen.
(d) The district overseer is arriving.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are Z. G. and Pearl's reaction to what they see on their drive to the commune?

2. How will Joy and her baby be sneaked out of the commune?

3. What does the brigade leader continue to expect?

4. What does Dun recognize as symbolic of extreme distress?

5. What does the government promise to women who give birth?

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