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Lisa See
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dun recognize as symbolic of extreme distress?
(a) The "x" mark on several pieces of paper.
(b) The boiled piece of leather.
(c) The black circles on several pieces of paper
(d) The feathers in the package.

2. What has likely happened to the messages Pearl has sent Joy?
(a) The censors have confisgated them.
(b) They were burned for starting fires.
(c) She does not think Pearl has sent her any messages.
(d) They are lost somewhere along the way.

3. What does the brigade leader say about Yong?
(a) She is a victim.
(b) She is a parasite.
(c) She is doing more than her share of the work.
(d) She is a hero.

4. How is Joy's relationship with her in-laws proceeding?
(a) Deteriorating.
(b) Neutral.
(c) At an all-time low.
(d) Improving.

5. How has Joy been feeling physically lately?
(a) In great shape.
(b) Very ill.
(c) About the same as always.
(d) She's been nauseous.

6. What do the harvesters leave standing?
(a) Every tenth row for gleaners.
(b) Ten percent of the crop for the local farmers.
(c) Many uncut rice stalks.
(d) Nothing.

7. What does Joy allow Pearl to do?
(a) Get ready to see Tao.
(b) Braid her hair.
(c) Sleep late.
(d) Help her bathe.

8. What does Tao not do after Joy gives birth?
(a) Talk to the doctor about Joy's condition.
(b) Come to look at his child.
(c) Name the child.
(d) Help Joy recover.

9. What does Joy realize by the messages in the shoes?
(a) Her mother is well.
(b) Her mother is in grave danger.
(c) Her mother is trying to escape back to America.
(d) Her mother has not forgotten her.

10. What do Pearl's housemates do when Pearl is out of the house one day?
(a) Take everything of any value out of Pearl's bedroom.
(b) Destroy Pearl's bedroom.
(c) Give Pearl's bedroom to another woman.
(d) Searched her bedroom.

11. What will Feng Tao supposedly do in Shanghai?
(a) Help Z. G. produce more posters.
(b) Give a speech about the mural at the commune.
(c) Attend an artist's school.
(d) Have a showing at the Red Gallery.

12. What was Joy too weak to do?
(a) Argue against bringing Tao.
(b) Hug her mother.
(c) Tell her mother to get the other baby that was still alive.
(d) Cry.

13. What is the meaning of the item pinned to Yong's chest?
(a) She has been denounced from the commune.
(b) She is being allowed to retire.
(c) She is being recognized for some achievement.
(d) She is going to give a talk.

14. What are Z. G. and Pearl's reaction to what they see on their drive to the commune?
(a) Rage.
(b) Indifference since it's almost as bad in the city.
(c) Horror at what they are witnessing.
(d) Incredulity at the wasted harvest.

15. Why is Joy happy but frustrated when she receives a package from Pearl?
(a) That there is no money in the package.
(b) That there is no baby formula in the package.
(c) That the letter is brief and says nothing.
(d) That Pearl has not come to the commune in person.

Short Answer Questions

1. What stage of starvation are the peasants entering?

2. What does the government promise to women who give birth?

3. Why does Tao insult Joy after she gives birth?

4. What does Tao do that surprises Joy?

5. Why is Pearl delighted when she returns from work one evening?

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