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Lisa See
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What causes Pearl elation when she enters China?
(a) She sees Joy's picture on the wall of returning Chinese.
(b) She sees her picture on a poster drawn by Z. G.
(c) She sees Z. G. at the airport.
(d) She talks to someone who has met Joy.

2. How does the Chinese government view romance?
(a) It is strictly forbidden.
(b) They have offered no opinions about it.
(c) It makes the life of the peasants more bearable.
(d) A necessary evil.

3. Why does Kumei think Joy and Tao are a perfect match?
(a) Joy is a leo and Tao is a virgo.
(b) Joy has many siblings and Tao is an only child.
(c) Joy is a tiger and Tao is a dog.
(d) Joy is short and Tao is short.

4. In what do the sisters write to each other?
(a) Chinese.
(b) English.
(c) Code.
(d) French.

5. Where do Joy and her father go?
(a) To his mother's home.
(b) Green Dragon Village.
(c) To a large city about two days ride from Shanghai.
(d) To Hong Kong.

6. What does Tao say is the reason for the water buffalo's suffering?
(a) The water buffalo won't let a human treat its wounds.
(b) Punishment for deeds in a past life.
(c) He says there is no reason; it just is.
(d) There are no veterinarians in the area.

7. How does Sam die?
(a) Suicide.
(b) Murder.
(c) Cancer.
(d) Accident.

8. Why does Pearl not get along well with the boarders in her childhood home?
(a) They think she is too bourgeois.
(b) They think she believes herself to be superior to them.
(c) They think she speaks with an English accent.
(d) They are suspicious of Pearl's reasons for returning to China.

9. What do Pearl's housemates say about her when she returns from Auntie Hu's home?
(a) She is too noisy.
(b) She is too slow.
(c) She is too imperialistic.
(d) She does not work hard enough.

10. Who is Auntie Hu?
(a) May's husband's aunt.
(b) Pearl's great aunt.
(c) An elderly woman who everyone calls Auntie Hu.
(d) Pearl's mother's best friend.

11. Where is Z.G. going in the morning?
(a) The countryside.
(b) His mother's home.
(c) To an art exhibit.
(d) Court.

12. In what typeface is the entire Prologue written?
(a) Bold-faced.
(b) Underlined.
(c) Regular type.
(d) Italics.

13. For what does Pearl find herself homesick?
(a) Her home in Los Angeles.
(b) The Shanghai she once knew.
(c) Her home in San Francisco.
(d) Her life as a teenager in Green Dragon Village.

14. Where is Joy wandering just after she runs away from home?
(a) The streets of Chinatown.
(b) Golden Gate Park.
(c) The Presidio.
(d) Fisherman's Wharf.

15. To what is Pearl sentenced?
(a) Six days hard labor.
(b) Six days in a community work house.
(c) Weekly reports to an agent.
(d) Weekly thought-reform sessions.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is clearly talented when Z.G. begins his art class?

2. Why do they put metal blinders on the water buffalo?

3. What does Joy witness as a result of the woman's suicide?

4. What is the significance of the book, "Shanghai Girls"?

5. Why does Pearl not leave with Z. G.?

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