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Lisa See
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Four: The Dragon Rises: Chapters 24 - 26.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the peasants anxious to do?
(a) Show how read their blood is.
(b) Marry Tao off to Joy.
(c) Abandon their marriages.
(d) Help Z. G. with his latest gallery show.

2. Why does Z. G. arrange for Joy and Tao to have art lessons together?
(a) So Z. G. can discourage Tao from being interested in Joy.
(b) They both have similar talent.
(c) So Z. G. can discourage Joy from being interested in Tao.
(d) So they can spend time together away from the prying eyes of the commune.

3. What will Feng Tao supposedly do in Shanghai?
(a) Help Z. G. produce more posters.
(b) Give a speech about the mural at the commune.
(c) Attend an artist's school.
(d) Have a showing at the Red Gallery.

4. What does Pearl's contact help her do?
(a) Set up a contact across in Hong Kong for mail forwarding.
(b) Contact the missing persons bureau of Shanghai.
(c) Sneak into China.
(d) Contact the artist association of Beijing.

5. What does Dun recognize as symbolic of extreme distress?
(a) The "x" mark on several pieces of paper.
(b) The boiled piece of leather.
(c) The feathers in the package.
(d) The black circles on several pieces of paper

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Joy allow Pearl to do?

2. Who is fed first when there is food?

3. Why is Pearl upset to hear that Joy is pregnant?

4. Who do the Chinese hope to overpower in the future?

5. What is a social campaign aimed to transform China called?

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