Objects & Places from Dreams of Joy: A Novel

Lisa See
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This is the main setting of the novel outside of the Green Dragon Village.

The Green Dragon Village

This is the commune where Z.G. is sent for his thought therapy and where he teaches the peasants how to paint propaganda posters.

The Mural

This is Joy's attempt to express her distrust of the Chinese government and their control over the peasants at the Green Dragon Village.

Propaganda Posters

This is the primary art that Z.G. works on during the communist era.

Swap Child, Make Food

This is a horrifying plan that desperate and starving Chinese peasants took part in when starving.

Chinese Zodiacs

This gives an important insight into characters for the Chinese people.

The Charity Pavilion

This is a building on the Green Dragon Commune where Tao and Joy hide out when they want to kiss in private.

The Great Leap Forward

This is...

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