Objects & Places from Dreams of Joy: A Novel

Lisa See
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Shanghai - This is the main setting of the novel outside of the Green Dragon Village.

The Green Dragon Village - This is the commune where Z.G. is sent for his thought therapy and where he teaches the peasants how to paint propaganda posters.

The Mural - This is Joy's attempt to express her distrust of the Chinese government and their control over the peasants at the Green Dragon Village.

Propaganda Posters - This is the primary art that Z.G. works on during the communist era.

Swap Child, Make Food - This is a horrifying plan that desperate and starving Chinese peasants took part in when starving.

Chinese Zodiacs - This gives an important insight into characters for the Chinese people.

The Charity Pavilion - This is a building on the Green Dragon Commune where Tao and Joy hide out when they want to kiss...

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