Dreams of Joy: A Novel Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Lisa See
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Essay Topic 1

Joy takes a ship to China. On board, she attempts to changes some of her American dollars into Chinese Yuan with the help of the captain. The captain pockets more than half of her money before changing over the rest. Joy is shocked, but understands that the ways of China are far different than they are in the States. At 8:00 am. Joy arrives at Chinese passport control. She repeats some of the propaganda mottoes she learned at the Chinese Student Democratic Association, assuring the agent that she's here to help build the People's Republic. The agent allows her to enter the country, but not before he confiscates her American passport. Then he takes Joy to have her bags searched. They remove many "bourgeois" items from Joy's luggage, including her brassieres. The luggage inspector pockets half of Joy's cash and then poses for a picture with her...

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