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Lisa See
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Prologue, Part One: The Tiger Leaps: Chapters 1 - 3

• The Prologue summaries the previous book with these characters. Joy was raised believing Pearl was her mother and Mary her aunt.

• In "Shanghai Girls" she finds out that May is her birth mother and Pearl is actually her aunt. The man Joy thought was her father, Sam commits suicide.

• Sam hung himself because the FBI wants him to turn Joy in as a communist sympathizer because she belonged to a Chinese club at school.

• Joy is filled with guilt over Sam's death, and in the middle of the night she packs her belongings and runs away to China to look for her birth father.

• The novel is written in the first person with alternating voice between Joy and Pearl. Chapter 1 through 3 is in Joy's voice.
• Joy calls her boyfriend Joe and says she is ready to go to China with...

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