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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who convinces Makak to attack the Corporal?
(a) Souris.
(b) The Woman.
(c) Moustique.
(d) Tigre.

2. Who does the Corporal tell to hide Tigre's body?
(a) Himself.
(b) Makak.
(c) Souris.
(d) No one.

3. Who does Makak imagine is fighting each other?
(a) Blacks and whites.
(b) The tribes of humanity.
(c) Cowboys and Indians.
(d) Lions and tigers.

4. What weapon does Makak have in the prison?
(a) A gun.
(b) A piece of string.
(c) A knife.
(d) A sharp stick.

5. Who is placed on a throne in Act 2, Scene 3?
(a) Makak.
(b) The Corporal.
(c) Moustique.
(d) Tigre.

6. Who brings food for the prisoners?
(a) Tigre.
(b) Makak.
(c) Moustique.
(d) The Corporal.

7. When the Corporal asks Souris and Tigre how Makak has behaved, what is their response?
(a) He is really aggressive.
(b) They say nothing.
(c) He has been sleeping and quiet.
(d) He is delirious.

8. Why does Moustique tell Makak he has gone mad?
(a) Because he can't hold it in any longer.
(b) Because of his hatred.
(c) Because he is a crazy ape.
(d) Because his father was mad.

9. Where does the Corporal say he is ready to embrace his heritage?
(a) At the foot of Monkey Mountain.
(b) At the market.
(c) In his house.
(d) In the boat with Makak.

10. What do Tigre and Souris accuse the Corporal of being?
(a) An assistant to the devil.
(b) An idiot.
(c) A dictator.
(d) A racist.

11. What is Makak's real name?
(a) Howard.
(b) Souris.
(c) Felix.
(d) Frank.

12. What does the Corporal take down when he realizes the prisoners are gone?
(a) A rifle.
(b) A bow and arrow.
(c) A spear.
(d) The flag.

13. Who does Makak try to bribe by saying he has money?
(a) The Corporal.
(b) Basil.
(c) The Peasant.
(d) The Inspector.

14. Who stands over Tigre's body and says how one tribe will triumph over the other?
(a) The Woman.
(b) The Corporal.
(c) Makak.
(d) Basil.

15. Who counts down the minutes until the Corporal begs for forgiveness?
(a) No one.
(b) Souris.
(c) Tigre.
(d) Basil.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Makak say is the ultimate darkness for all of them?

2. Who makes a crude comment about Makak dreaming of white women?

3. What does Makak say he looked into to see his face when he was younger?

4. Who brings back a chicken and vegetables?

5. What does the Chorus say should happen to the accused?

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