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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2 Scene 2 Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who speaks to Makak in his dream in the Prologue?
(a) Tigre.
(b) The Corporal.
(c) A spirit.
(d) His father.

2. Who is Makak sitting with on the ground after the scene changes from the prison?
(a) Tigre.
(b) His son.
(c) His father.
(d) No one.

3. Who cries out that he has "killed and tasted blood"?
(a) Moustique.
(b) Makak.
(c) The Corporal.
(d) Tigre.

4. Who brings water to the person pretending to be Makak?
(a) Basil.
(b) The Figure.
(c) Tigre.
(d) A woman.

5. What is the Market Inspector's real name?
(a) Jesus.
(b) Caiphas.
(c) Pontius.
(d) Yahweh.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Souris and Tigre tell the Corporal about Makak?

2. What is lying on the ground near Makak in Scene 1?

3. What does Moustique say about Makak's vision of the Woman?

4. Where does Makak ask to be sent?

5. What object is sitting in the middle of the stage at the beginning of the Prologue?

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