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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Caitlin believe that her mother is using to replace Cass?

2. What does Mike Evans say about Rogerson when he talks to Caitlin after cheer leading practice?

3. Who does Cass meet the summer before college?

4. Why is Caitlin so anxious to leave her parents after the cheer leading ceremony?

5. What school subject is Caitlin studying while Rogerson is fixing his car?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Caitlin and Rogerson's first meeting.

2. How does Caitlin's mother feel about her making the cheer leading squad?

3. What does Mrs. O'Koren do to support Caitlin's cheer leading, and what are her motives for those actions?

4. How does the reader know that Cass and Caitlin have a close relationship?

5. Why is Margaret O'Koren taking Cass' running away the hardest?

6. How does Rogerson behave at Caitlin's cheer leading ceremony?

7. How is Caitlin's relationship with Rogerson affecting her school life?

8. What does Caitlin discover about Rogerson and his performance in school?

9. What happens between Caitlin and Rogerson when the cheer leading squad performs at the senior center?

10. What has happened to Caitlin's cheer leading since she met Rogerson?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explain how Caitlin changes once she begins dating Rogerson. Describe Caitlin in the beginning of the book, and compare that behavior to that while she is dating Rogerson. Provide supporting text to describe her school work, social life, and the choices that she makes under Rogerson's influence.

Essay Topic 2

How has Caitlin's relationship with Rina changed since the beginning of the book? Describe the role that Caitlin's relationship with Rogerson has in affecting her relationship with Rina. Explain how Rina feels about Rogerson in the beginning of his relationship with Caitlin, and how and why those feelings change.

Essay Topic 3

How does Rogerson change from the time when his character is first introduced until his arrest? In your essay, identify several of Rogerson's character traits, and provide text to support each trait. Describe Rogerson's treatment of Caitlin at the beginning and the end of their relationship.

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