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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Caitlin do when Cass calls and she answers?
(a) She talks to her sister for hours.
(b) She hands the phone to her mother.
(c) She makes small talk.
(d) She does not say anything.

2. What item does Mrs. O'Koren take from home to Caitlin?
(a) Her favorite stuffed animal.
(b) A school yearbook.
(c) A picture of Cass.
(d) Her dream journal.

3. What is the first thing that Rogerson says to Caitlin when she returns home from her day with Rina?
(a) "Where the hell have you been?"
(b) "You're late!"
(c) "I've been waiting."
(d) "Did you have fun?"

4. Who does Caitlin take a picture of for her photography class' "people series"?
(a) Boo.
(b) Cass.
(c) Rogerson.
(d) Rina.

5. How does Caitlin feel when Rina visits her?
(a) Like a small child.
(b) Like a therapy patient.
(c) Like a high schooler.
(d) Like an adult.

Short Answer Questions

1. What event keeps Mrs. O'Koren distracted so that she does not notice that Caitlin has been kicked off the cheer leading squad?

2. When does Cass call her parents again?

3. Which of the following activities does Caitlin feel best parallels the process of her self-discovery?

4. What happens to Rogerson after he is caught abusing Caitlin?

5. Who does Caitlin constantly try to call while out with Rina?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Caitlin ask Rina to go to Corrina's house before going to the lake?

2. What does Corrina tell Caitlin in the letter that she sends her?

3. What does Caitlin think when she dreams of Rogerson during her stay at the Evergreen Care Center?

4. What happens between Caitlin and Rogerson on New Year's Eve?

5. What does Caitlin immediately do when Rina arrives at her house to "kidnap" her and take her to the lake?

6. What are Corinna and Dave arguing about when Caitlin goes over to their house?

7. What does Cass tell Caitlin in the letter that she sends her?

8. What do Rina and Caitlin talk about when Rina visits Caitlin at the Evergreen Care Center?

9. Caitlin says about Rogerson: "It was funny. What I loved most about Rogerson was that he took me to a place so far from anywhere Cass had been." What does she mean by that statement?

10. How does Caitlin cope with her feelings immediately after Rogerson hits her for the first time?

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