Dreamland Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How does the reader know that Cass and Caitlin have a close relationship?

Cass and Caitlin are close in age and often played together when they were kids. Caitlin describes days spent at the park. Since they were so close in age, they were often dressed the same. When Caitlin describes her sister, there is no resentment in her tone, although she admits that she was jealous at times of her "trailblazing" sister. When she describes Cass' acceptance to Yale, Caitlin admits that she knew that her sister was not happy. She notes that Cass was not acting like herself the summer before she was due at Yale, and that Cass was only pretending to be happy. Though Cass does not confide in Caitlin about having run away, Caitlin is able to sense that something is going on with Cass. Those words suggest that Caitlin knows her sister well.

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