Objects & Places from Dreamland

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The Lamont Whipper Show - This object keeps Cass gainfully employed.

New York - This is the object toward which Cass runs toward instead of heading toward Yale.

Dream Journal - This is the object that Cass gives Caitlin for her sixteenth birthday.

Commons Park - This is the area where Caitlin is hit by a shovel because she and Cass are arguing over it.

Perkins Day - This is the private school that Rogerson attends.

Arbors - This is the exclusive country club area in which Rogerson.and his family live.

Crestwood - This is the name of the subdivision where Corinna grew up.

The Lake House - This is the place that Rina takes Caitlin to when she misses her date with Rogerson.

April Fool's Day Party - This is the event that the O'Korens host, and at which Caitlin's mother sees Rogerson hit her...

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