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Lesson 1 (from Cass, Chapters 1 through 6)


Cass, Chapters 1 though 6.

In the opening chapter of the book, Caitlin's older sister, Cass is described. She is the dutiful daughter with excellent grades who was due to start her freshman year at Yale. Then Cass runs away to be with a boy she met over the summer. This lesson will focus on Cass' character and how people viewed her.


1.) Class Discussion: Students will discuss Caitlin's description of her sister. What kind of student was Cass? What words best describe Cass' personality? What actions support those character traits? What events depressed Cass? What does that say about her personality? What can the reader infer about how Caitlin feels about her sister based on that description?

2.) Partner Discussion: Students will discuss Cass' relationship with her parents. How does the reader know that Cass' parents were proud of her? How do her parents react to her running...

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