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Be a Reporter

Pretend to be a reporter writing a story on high school relationships. Write and answer interview questions for the couples in this book: Caitlin and Rogerson; Rina and Jeff; Corrina and Dave.

Love Poem

Write a love poem from Caitlin to Rogerson explaining her feelings for him before their abusive relationship begins. Include text evidence to describe the qualities that Caitlin finds attractive in Rogerson.

Letter Writing

Write a letter from Rogerson to Caitlin apologizing for his abusive behavior. In the letter, include specific incidents for which Rogerson is apologizing.

Character Map

Choose a character from the book and describe that character's personality traits (for example, you could say that Caitlin is naive or that Rogerson is abusive). Find text evidence from the book to support each trait.

Venn Diagram

Compare two characters from the book using a Venn diagram. Compare and contrast personality traits...

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