Dreamland Character Descriptions

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Caitlin O'Koren - This individual is in an abusive relationship and keeps this secret from family and friends.

Rogerson Biscoe - This person is the abusive partner in a relationship. This individual is abused by a parent and sells drugs.

Cassandra O'Koren - This individual is the older sibling of the main character, and runs away to New York instead of attending Yale.

Margaret O'Koren - This parent of two participates in bake sales and goes to the children's activities to support them.

Jack O'Koren - This parent of two is a dean at a local university.

Adam - This person lives in New York and works on a television show.

Boo Connell - This person enjoys playing trivia with a neighboring family on Friday nights, and has very strong opinions about women's rights.

Stewart Connell - This individual is a former hippie who teaches art at...

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