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Cass, Chapters 1 through 6

• Cass runs away to New York with a boyfriend instead of going to Yale.

• Caitlin's sixteenth birthday is on the day that Cass leaves; but everyone is preoccupied with her sister.

• Mr. and Mrs. O'Koren try to reach Cass, but are unsuccessful.

• Everyone is very sad and disappointed that Cass has left.
• Boo and Stewart Connell are neighbors of the O'Korens.

• Stewart is an art professor at the university.

• The Connells are former hippies, drive an old bus, even thought they are very different, are very good friends of the O'Korens.

• Mrs. O'Koren is constantly crying over Cass having run away.

• Cass calls home and her parents ask her to return, but she refuses.
• Caitlin gets her driver's license.

• Rina is Caitlin's best friend and convinces her to try out for cheerleading.

• Caitlin and Rina make the cheerleading squad.

• Caitlin's mother is thrilled that Caitlin...

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