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Cristina Garcia
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who encourages Celia to write to Gustavo?
(a) Jorge.
(b) Alicia.
(c) A spirit.
(d) The santera.

2. What does Celia keep that her lover gave her?
(a) A scarf.
(b) A dozen roses.
(c) Pearl earrings.
(d) An engagement ring.

3. What does Celia report in her final letter happens to Jorge?
(a) He has just received a job promotion.
(b) He is in a terrible accident.
(c) He has started hearing voices.
(d) He is leaving her.

4. Who does Celia say in her letters treats her poorly?
(a) Jorge.
(b) Her friends.
(c) Her children.
(d) Her in-laws.

5. What do the nuns tell Lourdes over the phone about her father?
(a) The nuns say her father promised them money.
(b) The nuns say her father's spirit thanked them for his care.
(c) The nuns say they want her to bake a cake for her father.
(d) The nuns say they have not seen her father for several days.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Celia guard at the start of Ordinary Seductions: Ocean Blue?

2. What object does Celia worry about after a tidal wave?

3. What does Celia plan to do if she has a boy?

4. In Ordinary Seductions: The Fire Between Them, who does Felicia teach to dance?

5. Who arrives in Santa Teresa del Mar, screaming for Celia?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why must a goat be sacrificed to help Felicia?

2. Why does Jorge allow his sister and mother to terrorize Celia?

3. Why does Celia name her son after her father?

4. How does Felicia attempt to kill her husband, Hugo?

5. How does Celia know her husband has died?

6. What happens to Celia after her parents divorce?

7. What commitment does Celia make after Jorge dies?

8. For what reason is Felicia is persuaded to participate in the Revolution?

9. What confuses Celia about her success as a judge in the town cases?

10. How does Rufino bond with his daughter Pilar?

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