Dreaming in Cuban Short Essay - Answer Key

Cristina Garcia
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1. According to rumors, why have yanquis ringed the island with nuclear poison?

The rumors say the yanquis have ringed the island with nuclear poison because they are hoping to starve the people and incite a counterrevolution.

2. How did Celia's husband destroy one of their dining room chairs?

Celia's husband destroyed one of their dinning room chairs by smashing it on the back of Hugo Villaverde, their former son-in-law.

3. How does Celia know her husband has died?

Celia knows Jorge has died when he emerges from the light in the night sky and comes toward her. She feels his warmth and see that he tries to speak to her. She believes he has come to say goodbye.

4. Why must a goat be sacrificed to help Felicia?

Felicia must sacrifice a goat because Ellegua, god of the crossroads, requests one in order to do his job. He will bring Felicia and her father peace.

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