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Cristina Garcia
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Ordinary Seductions: The Fire between Them.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of people does Celia say she relates to?
(a) Negative people.
(b) Dead people.
(c) Religious people.
(d) Wealthy people.

2. Why does Lourdes fire her new employee?
(a) The woman has eyes for Rufino.
(b) The woman lied on her resume.
(c) The woman steals from her.
(d) The woman takes extremely long breaks.

3. Who does Celia take with her to see Jorge?
(a) Her best friend.
(b) Gustavo.
(c) Her daughters.
(d) A nurse from the asylum.

4. What does Celia do on the 11th of every month for 25 years?
(a) She visits an old friend in Havana.
(b) She writes a letter to Gustavo.
(c) She builds a sand castle on the beach.
(d) She prays for peace.

5. Who comes to the ranch while Lourdes is pregnant with her second child?
(a) Celia and Jorge.
(b) Felicia.
(c) Cowboys.
(d) Soldiers.

Short Answer Questions

1. What foods does Felicia insist will purify, in Ordinary Seductions: The Fire Between Them?

2. Who did Celia fall in love with before she met Jorge?

3. Who does Pilar visit in Miami?

4. What did a santera once see on Celia's palm?

5. What causes Felicia's health to deteriorate?

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