Daily Lessons for Teaching Dreaming in Cuban

Cristina Garcia
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Lesson 1 (from Ordinary Seductions: Ocean Blue)


Ordinary Seductions: Ocean Blue

In Ordinary Seductions: Ocean Blue, the narrator asks, "What unknown covenants led her ultimately to this beach and this hour and this solitude?" The objective of this lesson is to think about who Celia is and identify what makes her unique.


1. Discuss. Why is Celia familiar with separation? How does Celia accept her solitude? Does Celia seem happy with her life? Why or why not?

2. Ask students to find examples of Celia showing her independence. List them. Students share examples in small groups.

3. Debate. Celia cannot decide which is worse, separation or death. Divide the class in half and assign Separation or Death. Give students time to review Ordinary Seductions: Ocean Blue for examples of how Celia responds to both situations. Then allow students to debate, using the information they found.

4. Homework. Write a paragraph describing Celia's personal appearance. Write another...

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