Dreaming in Cuban Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Cristina Garcia
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Essay Topic 1

Felicia is urged by her best friend to participate in the ritual with La Madrina. Why might she be reluctant to go? What does her behavior suggest about her faith? Does the loss of her father play a role in her lack of enthusiasm?

Essay Topic 2

Why must a sacrifice be made to Ellegua to give peace to Felicia and her father? What symbols of santeria are identified in Ordinary Seductions: Ocean Blue? What significance might the symbols have?

Essay Topic 3

Pilar has a strong, psychic connection with her grandmother, Celia, as well as a unique ability to recall details of her life. Yet, Pilar's identity is weak. Why might Pilar have a weak sense of identity? What role do her family members play in shaping her identity? How might her experience leaving home help strengthen her identity?

Essay Topic 4

What might seem unique about Celia's...

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