Dreaming in Cuban Character Descriptions

Cristina Garcia
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Celia del Pino

This person is the matriarch in the novel and lives in a house by the coast in Cuba.

Pilar Puente

This character, an artist, grows up in New York City feeling neither American nor Cuban.

Lourdes Puente

This headstrong character owns a bakery, appreciates people who make their own wealth, and is fiercely against socialism and the Cuban Revolution.

Felicia del Pino

This devoted santera's mental condition deteriorates throughout the novel.

Jorge del Pino

After dying, this character visits the family, mainly having meaningful conversations with a first born child.

Javier del Pino

This minor character leaves for Czechoslovakia after school.

Rufino Puente

This character comes from one of the wealthiest families in Cuba.

Luz and Milagro

These characters are offspring of a troubled non-Mama and a father with whom the relationship is short-lived.


This character is a sensitive child who is sent to...

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