Dreaming in Cuban Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Cristina Garcia
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Ordinary Seductions: Ocean Blue

• Celia del Pino watches for potential invaders for the Revolution and El Lider.

• She has a vision of her husband, Jorge, emerging from the light of a shooting star.

• She dives into the water and swims all night.
• Celia tells Felicia, her younger daughter, that Jorge stopped by to say goodbye.

• Felicia and Herminia, her friend, sacrifice a goat, in a ceremony to bring Felicia and her father peace.

Ordinary Seductions: Going South

• The nuns call Lourdes and say her father has died, and his spirit thanked them for his care.

• Lourdes tries to call Celia but cannot get through.

• Lourdes goes to view her father then looks for her daughter, Pilar, who she cannot find.
• Pilar sees her father with another woman and decides to go to Cuba, via Miami, again.

• She left her Abuela Celia when she was two. She remembers the...

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