Dragonwyck Short Essay - Answer Key

Anya Seton
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1. Why does Miranda think she should go to Dragonwyck instead of her sister?

When Abigail mentions that maybe Tibby should go to Dragonwyck, Miranda quickly replies that her sister isn't intrigued by the prospect, and she senses that her mother is well aware of the difference between her two daughters.

2. What does Miranda think about while her father reads the family bible?

While her father reads the family bible, Miranda's attention is divided between the beauty of the scripture and her fascination with the prospect of going to Dragonwyck, both of which speak to her of beauty, mystery, and prosperity.

3. How does Ephraim feel about Miranda going to Dragonwyck?

Ephraim seems totally closed to the idea of sending Miranda to Dragonwyck, and completely disapproves of the proposal coming in the form of a letter.

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