Dragonwyck Character Descriptions

Anya Seton
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This character is sent to Dragonwyck as a young girl of eighteen, and she is both excited and apprehensive. She marries twice and loses one child to death in this book.


This character is the owner of Dragonwyck and he is to be both feared and pitied. He is intent on controlling both people and events in order to bend them to his will.


This character is the mistress of Dragonwyck, and not at all happy. At first glance, she seems to be a crude, obese woman whose only interest is food.


This young doctor is a staunch supporter of the down-renters movement and of its leader. He is a man of great compassion who is genuinely concerned about his patients.


This character is secretly proud of her daughter's ambitions and the efforts the girl makes to become a lady.


This characters...

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