Dragonwyck Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Anya Seton
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Chapter 1

• Miranda is reading a book in her quiet place, at the family burial plots, when she hears her mother calling to her. She grabs he baby sister who she is tending, and heads to the house.

• Miranda is surprised that her mother is not upset about having to call her twice. She receives a letter from cousin Nicholas, a very rich man, inviting one of her daughters to stay with him.

• Miranda wants to go, but her mother thinks maybe her little sister Tibby should go instead. Miranda says Tibby hates going.
• While her father reads from the family Bible, Miranda daydreams about the bible and going to Dragonwyck, both of which portray images of beauty to her.

• Her father speaks with Miranda and her mother after the Bible reading is over. He does not want Miranda to go.

• When Miranda tells her father that she feels...

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