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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8, Earth, Wind, and Water, and Chapter 9, The Dragon Wakes.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who tells Moon Shadow how to prove what he needs to when he gets to America?
(a) Lefty.
(b) Windrider.
(c) Handclap.
(d) Houndstooth.

2. How does Windrider's wife send letters to him?
(a) She writes in Chinese.
(b) She dictates them.
(c) She draws pictures.
(d) She tells Moon Shadow to write what is happening.

3. Who pays Black Dog's debt?
(a) Windrider.
(b) The Company.
(c) Bright Star.
(d) The government.

4. How does Moon Shadow use his knowledge of the lead bully to his advantage?
(a) He bangs on garbage can lids.
(b) He pinches his arms.
(c) He keeps a flashlight on him at all times.
(d) He punches him in the nose.

5. How does the company try to stop Windrider from killing gang members?
(a) They pay Moon Shadow's medical bills.
(b) They take him to a therapist.
(c) They lock him in the building.
(d) They arrange a meeting with Black Dog.

Short Answer Questions

1. Black Dog is caught stealing from _____________.

2. Why does Moon Shadow not go to school?

3. How did Mother teach Moon Shadow to treat others?

4. Why does Windrider end up killing gang members?

5. What does the car owner do after Windrider fixes his car?

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