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Stained-Glass Window - Moon Shadow believes this shows a wrong idea of dragons.

Books - Robin, Moon Shadow, and his father spend their spare time with these.

Letters - During their separation, Windrider sent many of these home to his wife and received many from her.

Queue - This is a Tang man's pony tail.

Dragonwings - This is the name of the flying machine Windrider and Moon Shadow build.

Opium - This is a drug derived from the poppy flower that is both a strong pain reliever and a terribly addictive drug.

The Company of the Peach Orchard Vow - This is the laundry business that Windrider works for in America.

People of Tang - People from China refer to themselves by this name.

Middle Kingdom - This is what Wind Rider calls China.

Chinatown - This is the white demon's name for the Chinese community...

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