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Stained-Glass Window

Moon Shadow believes this shows a wrong idea of dragons.


Robin, Moon Shadow, and his father spend their spare time with these.


During their separation, Windrider sent many of these home to his wife and received many from her.


This is a Tang man's pony tail.


This is the name of the flying machine Windrider and Moon Shadow build.


This is a drug derived from the poppy flower that is both a strong pain reliever and a terribly addictive drug.

The Company of the Peach Orchard Vow

This is the laundry business that Windrider works for in America.

People of Tang

People from China refer to themselves by this name.

Middle Kingdom

This is what Wind Rider calls China.


This is the white demon's name for the Chinese community where many immigrants lived.


This is where Miss Whitlaw and...

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