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Chapter 1, The Land of the Demons

• Moon Shadow is 8 years old. His father moved to America to make money when his mother was still pregnant.
• Windrider writes to Moon Shadow and his mother. She has the teacher read the letters and dictates letters back to him.
• Handclap comes to bring Moon Shadow to America to live with his father. He is excited to be with his father, but he is scared because his grandfather was killed by Americans.
• On the trip, Handclap tells Moon Shadow what to say to prove Windrider is his father.

• The process takes days, but Moon Shadow and his father are finally able to be together.

Chapter 2, The Company, and Chapter 3, The Dragon Man

• Moon Shadow meets White Deer, Lefty, and Handclap, who are Windrider's co-workers. They have a dinner and give him gifts.

• The Company of the Peach Orchard Vow is a laundry...

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