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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 1, Chapter 7, Commander of the Knights of Solamnia.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Kitiara to Caramon and Raistlin?
(a) Their sister.
(b) Their aunt.
(c) Their mother.
(d) Their friend.

2. What did Tanis feel looking into the dark heart of the whirlpool, what did he feel?
(a) A strange numb sensation.
(b) Fear.
(c) Terror.
(d) Regret.

3. Who loves within the group?
(a) Caramon.
(b) Riverwind.
(c) Both of these.
(d) Neither of these.

4. Who recognizes the Dragon Highlord first, other than Tanis?
(a) Caramon.
(b) Maquesta.
(c) None of these.
(d) Raistlin.

5. What color is the stone that Berem goes for?
(a) Rich green.
(b) Gold.
(c) Vibrant red.
(d) Deep purple.

Short Answer Questions

1. What had happened to the ship?

2. How do the elves view suicide?

3. What does failure mean to those that take the tests?

4. How many years has Kitiara been in Tanis' dreams?

5. Who had the east been handed to?

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