Objects & Places from Dragons of Spring Dawning

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Dragon's Orb

A magical item utilized by Raistlin to aid his escape from the doomed ship.

The Perechon

This boat is lost in the maelstrom in the Blood Sea of Istar.


The most beautiful city left on Krynn, this place is home to a cursed Tower of Testing.


These are utilized by the Highlords to send messages.

Dargaard Keep

It is here that Kitiara bases herself, alongside Lord Soth.

Blood Sea of Istar

The explanation for this phenomenon on Krynn is explained to be clay.

City of Istar

An affront to the gods, this fell during the Cataclysm, never again to see the light of day.

Sea Elves

These take the form of dolphins to avoid the KreeaQUEKH, but still highly prize life.

Staff of Magius

This is one of the main sources of Raistlin's power.


The none-to-bright perversions of the good dragons' offspring; these...

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