Dragons of Spring Dawning Fun Activities

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Elvish Promises and Vows

Utilizing a well published version of elvish, create a promise between Tanis and Laurana for their wedding day.

A Magical Staff

Create your own magical staff like the Staff of Magius.

A Journey Fit to Mapquest

Utilizing one of the maps from the books, create a drawing of the character's travels with a legend indicating who traveled where.

Fizban's Hat

Create a new hat for the old mage, Fizban.

A Kender in Love!

Create a love interest for Tas that seeks to further complicate the curious little kender!

A Mage's Robes

Create robes befitting a mage for yourself, and color yourself as you believe your true heart lays: White for good, Red for Neutral, Black for Evil. In order to discover what kind of mage you are most like, create a one page paper on the kinds of things that you would do with...

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