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Essay Topic 1

Compare the way Laurana and Kitiara feel about Tanis. Whose love is more genuine? What evidence is there to support this? Who was the reader wishing would win Tanis' affection throughout the story and why?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss this novel as a fantasy novel. What subcategory does this novel best suit, and what leads you to these conclusions? Explain certain key plot events as being the main reasons for your answer, and provide these plot points to support your view regarding these subcategories.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss Flint's death from the viewpoint of several characters. How did these characters react to Flint's death? How do the characters different reactions to his death best illustrate their personalities on the whole? Explain your answers thoroughly.

Essay Topic 4

Discuss Kitiara's conversations with Lord Soth. How did these conversations illustrate the personality she was trying to reinvent for herself? Do you...

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