Dragons of Spring Dawning Character Descriptions

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The main hero, this individual struggles between two warring halves of his soul.


This individual is the only thing stopping the Queen of Darkness from coming back and destroying all that is good left on Krynn.


The sibling of Caramon and Raistlin, this Highlord is runner up for the leader of the Highlords, second only to Ariakas.


Originally very frail, this mage gains plenty power later in the novel.


A skilled warrior, this character is in love with Tika.


Only recently married, this character is expecting the first child in autumn.


Once a barmaid, this character left when Solace burned.

Tasslehoff Burrfoot

An ever mischievous character, this fellow has an affinity for maps.


A beautiful elven maid, this character also goes by the title of "Golden General".

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