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Book 1, The Everman and Chapter 1, Flight from Darkness into Darkness

• The Everman is the prologue to the Dragons of Spring Dawning and it focuses on Berem and his sister, Jasla.

• Berem is dreaming and they are wandering down what initially is thought to be an animal path, but it turns out to be a very old, human made path.

• The forest has been burned, and, following his sister, he comes upon a site where they find the ruins of a very old building where one of the columns is encrusted with valuable jewels.

• Berem attempts to pry one of the gemstones out by chipping away at it, and his sister begins to protest, fearing the wrath of an evil god dating back before the Cataclysm.

• Berem is set on gathering the jewel, however, and when she insists, he becomes angry and pushes her, leading to her death.

• Berem...

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