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The Old Man, Book 1: Chapter 1-5

• In The Old Man, a young woman named Tika Waylan is working in the inn of the Last Home talking with Otik, the bartender, about how the people that live in the town of Solace are being mistreated under the rule of the new Theocrat, Hederick

• An old man comes in and begins rearranging furniture and acting strangely

• In book one, chapter one, Flint, a dwarf has finally reached home when he is met by a half elf, Tanis after five years of having not seen each other

• Tanis explains that the Hederick's rule in Solace has made the town a very unfriendly place

• It is explained that the reason the group of friends separated was to look for the source of the evil in their world, and Tanis explains that his quest to find the ancient true gods failed

• Another member...

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