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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jakkin note about Akkhina?
(a) That she works at the nursery inside of the baggeries.
(b) That she has cut her hair.
(c) That she has a bruise on her cheek.
(d) That she is unusually quiet.

2. Where does Jakkin go in the dark?
(a) To talk to Likkharn.
(b) To his shelter.
(c) To the dragon sand pits.
(d) To talk to Errikkin.

3. About what do the boys in the bond house tease Jakkin?
(a) His meticulous cleaning of his dragon.
(b) Having to be rescued.
(c) His taking the extra dragon hatchling.
(d) His night out.

4. Why does Likkarn hit Jakkin?
(a) Because Jakkin's father is the one responsbile for Likkaarn being a bonder.
(b) Because Jakkin can read.
(c) Because Jakkin does everything well and quickly.
(d) Because Jakkin's mother turned down Likkarn's marriage proposal.

5. Why do the men chop down the tree that Jakkin just came down?
(a) To get at the drakk nest.
(b) They do not chop the tree.
(c) To keep the drakks from using the tree for a hiding place.
(d) To make a bonfire and burn the dead drakk.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Jakkin calm as he looks in on the hatchlings?

2. How does Likkarn control his young charges?

3. Why is Jakkin in danger?

4. What does Blood Brother refuse to do after fighting twice?

5. With what is Jakkin hit?

Short Essay Questions

1. For what is Jakkin chosen when the hunters arrive at a clump of trees?

2. What makes Jakkin join in the warlike chant?

3. Who catches Slakk and why does Slakk betray Jakkin?

4. What does Jakkin see as he leaves the bondhouse and what does he have to do about it?

5. How does Jakkin think he can escape being a bond man?

6. What happens that makes Jakkin storm out of breakfast?

7. What does Jakkin say about his part in the hunt at dinner?

8. What does Jakkin notice about Kkarina and how does she become free?

9. After Jakkin awakes again, why does Jakkin break down and sob and what does Akki do?

10. Where does Jakkin go after checking on the dragon eggs and what does he fear as far as stealing one of the eggs?

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