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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jakkin not mention in his tale of the hunt?
(a) That the male drakk flew off before anyone could get it.
(b) That he urinated in his pants when stabbing the drakk.
(c) That Likkarn did not help in killing the drakks.
(d) That Likkarn threatened him.

2. Why does Jakkin eventually return to the nursery from his camp?
(a) To avoid seeing his uncle.
(b) To be counted in the evening head count.
(c) To avoid detection.
(d) To avoid the Dark After.

3. What does Sarkkhan accuse Likkarn of doing?
(a) Stealing dragon food.
(b) Stealing some gold.
(c) Putting Jakkin in front of an enraged dragon intentionally.
(d) Shooting Blood brother on purpose.

4. What does Jakkin join before the drakk hunters start out?
(a) A line to receive a blessing from the priest.
(b) A dance for success.
(c) A chant.
(d) A line to receive hazardous pay.

5. Who are bonders?
(a) Men who capture escaped felons and sell them to slavers.
(b) Companies that underwrite a mining expedition.
(c) A group of bounty hunters who go out of the solar system for fugitives.
(d) Indentured slaves.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jakkin play up at dinner?

2. Where does Jakkin lead Blood Brother?

3. What does Jakkin accidentally do?

4. About what do the boys give Jakkin a hard time?

5. What words do good trainers use when addressing dragons?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Jakkin see as he leaves the bondhouse and what does he have to do about it?

2. What does Likkarn do to Blood Brother that is against procedures?

3. What has Jakkin done to prepare for stealing a dragon?

4. What makes Jakkin join in the warlike chant?

5. How does Jakkin become unconscious and what is the consequence of that?

6. What does Jakkin notice about Kkarina and how does she become free?

7. After Jakkin awakes again, why does Jakkin break down and sob and what does Akki do?

8. Why does Jakkin get up from his hospital bed and what happens when he does so?

9. How are the drakk hunters equipped to start their hunt?

10. Describe how Jakkin gets his dragon.

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