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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What will happen to any imperfect hatchling?
(a) It will be nursed to see if it will become healthy.
(b) It will be taken for food for the bonders.
(c) The senior bondman will kill it.
(d) The female dragon will kill it.

2. Where does Jakkin travel that day?
(a) To the main city on the planet.
(b) To another dragon farm.
(c) Back to his den.
(d) To a place in the desert he has cultivated.

3. What is Slakk caught doing?
(a) Trying to ride a dragon.
(b) Retrieving the brush from the showers.
(c) Talking to a free agent female.
(d) Sneaking extra rations.

4. What angers Jakkin when the boys' teasing intensifies?
(a) They say something about Jakkin's mother.
(b) They say something about Jakkin's father.
(c) They imply that Jakkin likes Kitkkin.
(d) They imply Jakkin had been having sex with Akki.

5. To what is Jakkin listening?
(a) Two slaves fighting.
(b) The male dragons trumpeting.
(c) Two dragons fighting.
(d) The hatchings inside the eggs.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when a drakk is killed?

2. Where does Jakkin lead Blood Brother?

3. What does Jakkin see when he looks in a hatchling's eyes?

4. What does Jakkin's mother do after his father dies?

5. What happens when Jakkin is running back to his quarters?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Likkarn do and where does Jakkin go with Balakk?

2. Who catches Slakk and why does Slakk betray Jakkin?

3. What does Likkarn say to Blood Brother after Likkarn shoots the animal?

4. How does Akki save Jakkin from freezing to death and what story does she give the other bondmen?

5. How does Jakkin demonstrate his knowledge of dragon training?

6. What does Jakkin say about his part in the hunt at dinner?

7. For what is Jakkin chosen when the hunters arrive at a clump of trees?

8. After Jakkin awakes again, why does Jakkin break down and sob and what does Akki do?

9. Describe Jakkin's procedure in caring for Blood Brother.

10. Why does Jakkin return to the breakfast room?

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