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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Akki bring Jakkin to sign?
(a) A promise to buy her contract.
(b) Engagement papers.
(c) Papers to register his dragon.
(d) Papers attesting to his dragon's origins.

2. What has Jakkin been doing with his gold?
(a) Saving it to buy his and Akki's freedom.
(b) Paying for his dragon's food.
(c) Paying for training books.
(d) Giving it to Errikkin.

3. What does the dragon do when Jakkin is unbalanced by the stream?
(a) Jumps in the water and splashes Jakkin.
(b) Bellows.
(c) Tries to steady Jakkin.
(d) Pushes Jakkin in the water.

4. What does Jakkin remind himself about the first color of a dragon?
(a) Nothing.
(b) It's not the permanent color.
(c) It is for camouflage.
(d) It deepens over time.

5. What does Jakkin notice when he watches the hatchlings?
(a) They are mostly smaller than his dragon.
(b) They seem less controlled than his dragon.
(c) They are mostly bigger than his dragon.
(d) The crippled dragon is no longer among them.

6. Where does Jakkin entice the young dragon to go?
(a) The back of the cave.
(b) Next to Jakkin.
(c) The warm stream.
(d) The hot sand baths.

7. What happens after Jakkin dons the old shirt he left with his dragon?
(a) The drakk turns his attention to Jakkin.
(b) The drakk flies off because he smells a human.
(c) Jakkin runs back and jumps in the water to wash off the dragon smell.
(d) Jakkin runs behind a bluff.

8. What does Jakkin wonder about Akki concerning Sarkkhan's home?
(a) Why she refuses to go to his home.
(b) Why she lives in his house.
(c) Why she has been in his house.
(d) Nothing.

9. What does Kkarina tell Jakkin to do when he arrives at the kitchen?
(a) Chop some bitterweed.
(b) Take a bowl and have some takk.
(c) Scrub some pots.
(d) Clean the hearth.

10. What is the source of a dragon's inner fire?
(a) The weeds fed to a dragon.
(b) A chemical reaction in their stomach.
(c) No one knows.
(d) Some rocks they chew.

11. What does Jakkin notice about his dragon's coat the next time Jakkin visits?
(a) It is moulting.
(b) It has become black.
(c) It is now golden colored.
(d) Some red shining through the dragon's coat.

12. What does Jakkin tell Red?
(a) To straighten out her wing.
(b) To ignore the pain.
(c) To remember the escape move.
(d) To twist the other way.

13. What does the double letter "k" mean in someone's name?
(a) They are a bonder or come from a family of bonders.
(b) They are of the first generation on the planet.
(c) They are of the second generation on the planet.
(d) They have the potential to be free men or women.

14. What do the people not ask when Jakkin and Akki arrive with the drakk?
(a) If Jakkin can buy his freedom.
(b) Why Jakkin is with Akki.
(c) Where Jakkin got the knife with which he killed the drakk.
(d) If Jakkin and Akki are lovers.

15. What does Akki offer to get Jakkin?
(a) Some more blisterweed.
(b) A new bowl and knife.
(c) Some books on dragon training.
(d) Some numbweed.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Errikkin ask of Jakkin?

2. What does Jakkin do at the oasis on the day of the fight?

3. What do the dragon and Jakkin do after the dragon swims?

4. What does Likkarn say Rum is using?

5. What does Jakkin see in his mind while he and the dragon are swimming?

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