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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jakkin find around his oasis?
(a) A footprint too small for him.
(b) Signs of bushes being smashed.
(c) Droppings from a drakk.
(d) A very expensive rare herb he can sell for money.

2. What does Jakkin hear in the pit above him?
(a) The sounds of fire burning some of the boundary barrels.
(b) A drakk challenging a dragon.
(c) Sarkkhan's dragon fighting.
(d) A dragon dying.

3. What is the name of Jakkin's dragon?
(a) Red beauty.
(b) Jakkin's red.
(c) Akki's red.
(d) Beauty.

4. What does Kkarina ask Jakkin to tell her?
(a) About his relationship with Akki.
(b) About the drakk hunt.
(c) How Likkarn is treating Jakkin.
(d) About his new little dragon.

5. What does Akki bring Jakkin to sign?
(a) Papers to register his dragon.
(b) Engagement papers.
(c) A promise to buy her contract.
(d) Papers attesting to his dragon's origins.

6. Why do Jakkin and Akki decide to take the drakk back?
(a) To show Likkarn that Jakkin is brave.
(b) To collect a reward.
(c) They decide not to take the drakk back.
(d) Because they both smell like the drakk.

7. What does Jakkin reply to Errikkin's request?
(a) Jakkin asks if Errikkin has already been to the oasis.
(b) Jakkin never thought of owning bonders once Jakkin was free of his bond.
(c) Jakkin tells him he does not own Akki.
(d) Jakkin says a dragon can only have one trainer.

8. What does Jakkin know as he observes the young dragon?
(a) That the dragon has been swimming before this time.
(b) That the young dragon does not miss its mother.
(c) That the young dragon will change colors as it matures.
(d) That the young dragon is going to be a fighter.

9. Who is Ardru?
(a) Akki's friend.
(b) The fight master of ceremonies.
(c) The blacksmith who makes dragon harnesses.
(d) Sarkkhan's best friend.

10. What does Jakkin leave with the young dragon?
(a) A bowl of bitterweed.
(b) A pile of fir branches.
(c) His old shirt.
(d) A pile of drakk bones.

11. What signifies to Jakkin that his young dragon knows he is coming to the oasis?
(a) The dragon speaks words in Jakkin's mind.
(b) The dragon flies out to meet Jakkin.
(c) There is a burst of color in Jakkin's head.
(d) The dragon makes a particular noise.

12. What has Jakkin been doing with his gold?
(a) Paying for training books.
(b) Saving it to buy his and Akki's freedom.
(c) Paying for his dragon's food.
(d) Giving it to Errikkin.

13. What does Jakkin notice about the plants around his oasis?
(a) They have gone to seed.
(b) They are gone.
(c) They have withered.
(d) They are ready for picking.

14. Who promises not to tell anyone of Jakkin's secret?
(a) Likkarn.
(b) Slakk.
(c) Errikkin.
(d) Akki.

15. What happens when Red opens her mouth to make a noise?
(a) No sound comes out.
(b) She screams in a non-dragon way.
(c) She speaks rather than bellows.
(d) She spews fire as she bellows.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when Jakkin calls out to his dragon?

2. Where does Jakkin entice the young dragon to go?

3. What does Jakkin tell his dragon to do?

4. What does Jakkin notice for the first time about his dragon?

5. From whom could Jakkin steal food for his dragon?

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