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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What time of day is it when Jakkin wakes?
(a) The early afternoon.
(b) Almost Dark After.
(c) Midday.
(d) Morning.

2. About what do the older bonders complain?
(a) The dust.
(b) The lack of water.
(c) The poor hatching.
(d) Likkarn's demotion.

3. What scares Jakkin and makes him climb down?
(a) The hiss of a drakk.
(b) A dragon bellowing.
(c) A snake in the tree that bites Jakkin.
(d) A large owl divebombs Jakkin.

4. Where does Likkarn order Blood Brother to be taken?
(a) To the fight rings.
(b) To be used for stew.
(c) To the hot sands.
(d) To the female dragon pens.

5. How does Likkarn control his young charges?
(a) By evoking loyalty.
(b) With kindness.
(c) With fear and pain.
(d) With rational explanations.

6. Where did Kkarina work to earn money to buy her freedom?
(a) The mines.
(b) The baggeries.
(c) The numbweed fields.
(d) The privies.

7. What happens when Likkarn smokes blisterweed?
(a) He jokes around a lot.
(b) He makes errors with the dragons.
(c) He sleeps for a full day and night.
(d) He is uncontrollably violent.

8. What does Jakkin leave wrapped around the hatchling he finds?
(a) A horse blanket.
(b) A dragon web.
(c) A layer of straw.
(d) His shirt.

9. What does Jakkin do in response to the teasing?
(a) Sits quietly with a smile on his face.
(b) Storms off.
(c) Teases back.
(d) Hits the ringleader.

10. Where does Jakkin go in the dark?
(a) To talk to Likkharn.
(b) To talk to Errikkin.
(c) To his shelter.
(d) To the dragon sand pits.

11. Who does Slakk sell out?
(a) No one.
(b) Akki.
(c) Jakkin.
(d) Likkarn.

12. What does Blood Brother refuse to do after fighting twice?
(a) Fight without his favorite rider.
(b) Wear armor.
(c) Fight again.
(d) Wear blinders.

13. What does Jakkin realize about what is on Heat O' Mine's head?
(a) The feed is infested.
(b) It is probably what wounded the young hatchling.
(c) It has likely not been counted.
(d) The beetles have come back as they do every seven years.

14. What do the slaves think of their master, Sarkkhan?
(a) He does not know anything about dragons.
(b) He is kind.
(c) He is harsh.
(d) He is rarely around.

15. What is Kkarina no longer wearing?
(a) A wedding ring.
(b) A bag.
(c) Her bracelet.
(d) Earrings.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Sarkkhan leave Likkarn?

2. What are the drakk hunters given to help them not become disoriented?

3. What cools Blood Brother's temper?

4. How does Jakkin's father die?

5. Why is Jakkin anxious to be in the place where he wakes?

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