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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jakkin not mention in his tale of the hunt?
(a) That the male drakk flew off before anyone could get it.
(b) That Likkarn did not help in killing the drakks.
(c) That Likkarn threatened him.
(d) That he urinated in his pants when stabbing the drakk.

2. What words do good trainers use when addressing dragons?
(a) Thou and thee.
(b) They have no special words when talking to the dragons.
(c) Pretty and Handsome.
(d) Dragon language.

3. What does Jakkin leave wrapped around the hatchling he finds?
(a) A horse blanket.
(b) His shirt.
(c) A layer of straw.
(d) A dragon web.

4. Where does Jakkin go in the dark?
(a) To the dragon sand pits.
(b) To talk to Likkharn.
(c) To talk to Errikkin.
(d) To his shelter.

5. What do Jakkin's friends joke about as they come in that afternoon?
(a) Jakkin's new status as clerk.
(b) Jakkin sleeping.
(c) Errikkin's orders to clean the aviary.
(d) Likkarn's demotion.

6. What does Jakkin realize about what is on Heat O' Mine's head?
(a) It is probably what wounded the young hatchling.
(b) The beetles have come back as they do every seven years.
(c) It has likely not been counted.
(d) The feed is infested.

7. What time of day is it when Jakkin wakes?
(a) Midday.
(b) Almost Dark After.
(c) Morning.
(d) The early afternoon.

8. Why does Blood Brother leave scratches on Jakkin?
(a) The dragon is trying to groom Jakkin.
(b) Jakkin leaves Blood Brother in the mud too long.
(c) Jakkin angers Blood Brother.
(d) He does not scratch Jakkin.

9. Who does Jakkin calm as he looks in on the hatchlings?
(a) Heart Worm and Heart to Heart.
(b) Blood Warm and Heart to Heart.
(c) Worm Good and Heart to Heart.
(d) Heart Worm and Blood Warm.

10. What is evident about Likkarn when Jakkin talks to Likkarn?
(a) Likkarn is afraid to hunt the drakk.
(b) Likkarn is under the influence of blisterweed.
(c) Likkarn is sorry for beating Jakkin so badly.
(d) Likkarn is still furious with Jakkin.

11. What does Jakkin's mother do after his father dies?
(a) Kill herself.
(b) Marry an unsavory man.
(c) Sell them into slavery.
(d) Leave Jakkin with relatives and go to find her family.

12. What is Austar IV?
(a) The planet discussed in the Introduction.
(b) The name of a hyperlight space cargo carrier.
(c) The name of the main protagonist.
(d) The name of the moon outside the largest planet in the Vindyne system.

13. With what is Jakkin hit?
(a) Likkarn's belt.
(b) The dragon's harness.
(c) A dragon whip.
(d) The bath brush.

14. About what do the boys give Jakkin a hard time?
(a) Standing up to an enraged Likkarn.
(b) Asking for his own dragon to care for.
(c) Having Akki as his nurse.
(d) Running away from Blood Brother.

15. What does Jakkin eat after getting out of the hospital?
(a) Chicken and greens.
(b) Nothing; he's not to eat for another day or so.
(c) Dragon's blood to help him heal.
(d) Takk and lizard meat.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Kkarina no longer wearing?

2. What is Slakk caught doing?

3. What are the men told to use sparingly?

4. What does Jakkin have to remember to report?

5. What does Jakkin plant?

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