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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jakkin accidentally do?
(a) Set fire to the hay loft.
(b) Twist his ankle.
(c) Reopen a wound.
(d) Knock over one of the female dragon's food.

2. What does Jakkin not mention in his tale of the hunt?
(a) That Likkarn did not help in killing the drakks.
(b) That Likkarn threatened him.
(c) That the male drakk flew off before anyone could get it.
(d) That he urinated in his pants when stabbing the drakk.

3. What is Austar IV?
(a) The name of a hyperlight space cargo carrier.
(b) The name of the moon outside the largest planet in the Vindyne system.
(c) The name of the main protagonist.
(d) The planet discussed in the Introduction.

4. Who is Jakkin?
(a) A young slave assigned to a dragon farm.
(b) The owner of several dragons and slaves.
(c) The alpha male dragon.
(d) The alpha female dragon.

5. Where does Sarkkhan leave Likkarn?
(a) In with the other bonders.
(b) In the dungeon.
(c) Tied to a tree near the dragon pits.
(d) In a single room.

6. What does Jakkin have to remember to report?
(a) Spotting the drakk.
(b) That Slakk lied about the brush.
(c) That his wounds reopened.
(d) That Likkarn threatened him again.

7. Who pulls Jakkin into the bond house?
(a) Likkarn.
(b) Errikkin.
(c) No one.
(d) Akki.

8. What happens when Likkarn smokes blisterweed?
(a) He jokes around a lot.
(b) He sleeps for a full day and night.
(c) He makes errors with the dragons.
(d) He is uncontrollably violent.

9. Where does Likkarn order Blood Brother to be taken?
(a) To be used for stew.
(b) To the hot sands.
(c) To the female dragon pens.
(d) To the fight rings.

10. Where does Jakkin go in the dark?
(a) To talk to Errikkin.
(b) To his shelter.
(c) To the dragon sand pits.
(d) To talk to Likkharn.

11. Why is Jakkin in danger?
(a) A female dragon has escaped near Jakkin.
(b) Likkarn has Jakkin cornered.
(c) The dragon he is handling is getting out of control.
(d) Slakk is trying to restrain Jakkin.

12. About what do the older bonders complain?
(a) The poor hatching.
(b) The dust.
(c) Likkarn's demotion.
(d) The lack of water.

13. What is sitting on Heat O' Mine's head?
(a) A drakk.
(b) A tapeworm.
(c) A late hatchling.
(d) A dragon beetle.

14. Who has difficulty looking at Jakkin?
(a) Errikkin.
(b) Akki.
(c) Slakk.
(d) Sarkkhan.

15. What does Sarkkhan accuse Likkarn of doing?
(a) Stealing dragon food.
(b) Stealing some gold.
(c) Shooting Blood brother on purpose.
(d) Putting Jakkin in front of an enraged dragon intentionally.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jakkin do in response to the teasing?

2. To what is Jakkin listening?

3. What does Jakkin join before the drakk hunters start out?

4. Why does Likkarn hit Jakkin?

5. Why does Jakkin eventually return to the nursery from his camp?

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