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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does F'nor do when Brekke finishes crying?
(a) leaves her to recover
(b) hands her a hanky
(c) takes her away to make love
(d) slaps her in the face

2. What does F'nor regret when talking to F'lar when they are thinking about options?
(a) not getting mated with Brekke
(b) not volunteering to go to Southern
(c) not having F'lar's power and position
(d) not asking for browns to fly queens

3. Who is Ruatha's candidate for the queen egg?
(a) Mierim
(b) Breta
(c) Talina
(d) Catlin

4. What has N'ton obtained for F'lar's experiment?
(a) fire lizard eggs
(b) thread
(c) a sandworm
(d) grubs

5. Why does Brekke start weeping when talking to F'nor about Wirenth's rising?
(a) she is happy F'nor likes her
(b) she is scared who might ride Wirenth
(c) she has to listen to her queen's choice
(d) she is afraid of what Kylara might say

6. What does Lessa think about the ancients and the Red star?
(a) they didn't know where it was
(b) they created it
(c) they have gone there
(d) they ignored it

7. Who is acting leader of Fort Weyr right now?
(a) F'nor
(b) T'kul
(c) P'zar
(d) N'ton

8. What has T'kul announced he would do to any intruders at Southern?
(a) feed them to dragons
(b) put them in prison
(c) make them serfs
(d) flame them

9. What does F'lar think is one of the major problems between dragon riders?
(a) losing touch with each other
(b) being so competitive
(c) being secretive
(d) fighting excessively

10. What does F'nor suggest about Wirenth's rising?
(a) an open flight
(b) to go to the beach and rise with him
(c) to ask F'lar to keep Kylara out of the way
(d) to go to Benden Weyr

11. What happens to Brekke when Wirenth takes Prideth between?
(a) she faints
(b) she becomes paralyzed
(c) she dies
(d) she screams and kills a rider

12. How did Larth, Lytol's dragon die?
(a) staying too long between
(b) old age
(c) phosphine burns
(d) in a fight with anothrer dragon

13. What kind of dragon does Benden send for Robinton?
(a) a bronze
(b) a gold
(c) a blue
(d) a green

14. What does Robinton worry about when the dragons for transportation appear?
(a) being cold in between
(b) if his apprentices will be okay
(c) messing up his clothes
(d) which dragon to ride

15. Why did the ancients warn to "watch for the grubs?"
(a) they eat thread
(b) they are bad for crops
(c) they give people illness
(d) they injure livestock

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did most people from the high reaches go after F'lar and T'ron's fight?

2. How does Jaxom feel about going to the hatching?

3. What does F'nor do when Brekke keeps cutting herself down?

4. Why is T'ron upset about being a dragon rider in the High Reaches now?

5. Who must ratify the marriage at Telgar?

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