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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Jaxom afraid still about him and Felessan touching the dragon eggs?
(a) that someone will notice
(b) that it might be responsible for the tragedy
(c) that Felessan will tell on him
(d) that the egg won't hatch

2. What does Brekke beg of F'nor?
(a) to marry her
(b) to not be left alone
(c) to help her kill herself
(d) to get her another dragon

3. What did F'lar bring to the wedding for a present?
(a) a dragon tooth
(b) a clutch of lizard eggs
(c) a dragon claw
(d) a case of wine

4. Who is acting leader of Fort Weyr right now?
(a) P'zar
(b) T'kul
(c) N'ton
(d) F'nor

5. Who arrives to view the Red star, much to Lessa's disgust?
(a) T'kul
(b) N'ton
(c) T'ron
(d) Meron

6. What color is the dragon that comes out of the small egg?
(a) white
(b) brown
(c) bronze
(d) blue

7. When does Brekke say Wirenth will rise?
(a) next month
(b) she doesn't know
(c) three days
(d) two weeks

8. What concerns Lessa about F'lar?
(a) he plans to go to the Red star
(b) he is depressed and quiet
(c) he is being threatened by Lords
(d) he is not healing from the knife wound

9. What emergency disrupts the wedding at Telgar?
(a) threadfall at Igen Hold
(b) two dragons fighting
(c) threadall at Benden Weyr
(d) Fandarel's invention blows up

10. What has T'kul announced he would do to any intruders at Southern?
(a) flame them
(b) put them in prison
(c) feed them to dragons
(d) make them serfs

11. What reason does Meron give for dragon riders being obsolete?
(a) sand worms are multiplying rapidly
(b) fire lizards eat thread
(c) grubs can protect the land
(d) the Red star can be destroyed

12. Why did the ancients warn to "watch for the grubs?"
(a) they give people illness
(b) they are bad for crops
(c) they injure livestock
(d) they eat thread

13. Why is Brekke suddenly feeling confused?
(a) Wirenth is rising
(b) Wirenth went swimming
(c) she didn't eat that morning
(d) F'nor is in trouble

14. What has always been the dragonmen's goal towards thread?
(a) to become rich protecting people
(b) to breed dragons that ate thread
(c) to protect the planet
(d) to eliminate thread

15. What does F'nor decide to do to stop Meron?
(a) kill him
(b) steal his fire lizard
(c) have him brought to trial
(d) go to the Red star

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Wirenth see when she goes flying high?

2. Why does F'lar wish the Oldtimers were not in the south?

3. Why does Brekke start weeping when talking to F'nor about Wirenth's rising?

4. How does Brekke feel about not impressing?

5. What have they decided to do about Brekke's loss of her dragon?

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