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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is acting leader of Fort Weyr right now?
(a) T'kul
(b) N'ton
(c) F'nor
(d) P'zar

2. What does Brekke tell F'nor when he realizes she's a virgin?
(a) that she loves F'lar
(b) that she has always loved him
(c) that she is afraid of men
(d) that she likes women

3. Who is Ruatha's candidate for the queen egg?
(a) Talina
(b) Breta
(c) Catlin
(d) Mierim

4. What does F'lar do about F'nor?
(a) puts him on report
(b) feigns ignorance
(c) sends him home
(d) docks his pay

5. What does F'lar think is one of the major problems between dragon riders?
(a) being so competitive
(b) fighting excessively
(c) losing touch with each other
(d) being secretive

6. What does F'lar think every hold and craft will have the day after the wedding?
(a) fire lizard eggs
(b) riders stationed there
(c) change in leadership
(d) distance writers

7. What emergency disrupts the wedding at Telgar?
(a) Fandarel's invention blows up
(b) threadfall at Igen Hold
(c) two dragons fighting
(d) threadall at Benden Weyr

8. What does Brekke give Grall when F'nor finds her?
(a) leather tresses
(b) a jeweled necklace
(c) some water
(d) meat

9. What would the Holds and Crafthalls do if thread fall stopped?
(a) expand their land
(b) nothing
(c) give the dragon riders retirement pay
(d) quit tithes to the weyrs

10. What does Robinton think will convince others of the dragon riders wanting to get rid of thread?
(a) having a planetwide meeting
(b) continue planning an expedition
(c) nothing will convince people who don't ride dragons
(d) sending an expedition there immediately

11. What is Brekke supposed to do when Wirenth heads to the herds to eat?
(a) get her to go between
(b) keep her from gorging
(c) keep her from eating
(d) get her to go in the lake

12. When does Brekke say Wirenth will rise?
(a) next month
(b) two weeks
(c) three days
(d) she doesn't know

13. Of what are Asgenar and Bendarek convinced by F'lar?
(a) to use more sand worms
(b) to breed more fire lizards
(c) to string the distance riders everywhere
(d) to use grubs in the north

14. What happens to Brekke when Wirenth takes Prideth between?
(a) she becomes paralyzed
(b) she faints
(c) she dies
(d) she screams and kills a rider

15. What action did the dragon riders take against Kylara?
(a) none
(b) she was executed
(c) she was exiled
(d) she was sent to Southern

Short Answer Questions

1. What color is the dragon that comes out of the small egg?

2. Why won't Canth go between with F'nor?

3. How does Brekke feel about not impressing?

4. What does D'ram cautions against?

5. What do F'nor and F'lar do with the grubs F'nor brought back from Southern?

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