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Diana Gabaldon
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Right before Geillis Duncan, who is tried as a witch, is burned alive, what does Claire notice?
(a) The locket Geillis clutches in her hand.
(b) The cross-shaped tattoo on Geillis' ankle.
(c) Geillis' vaccination scar on her arm.
(d) The emerald green necklace around Geillis' neck.

2. What new job does Jamie give Fergus?
(a) Hairstylist to Claire, fixing her hair before she leaves the house.
(b) Tender of their vegetable garden.
(c) Escort to Claire, seeing her to and from the hospital.
(d) Groomer of the palace horses.

3. Why is Claire known as the "lady of sorcery" in some circles?
(a) Fergus tells the townspeople she can perform magic.
(b) Because of her strong, independent streak.
(c) She works at the hospital and frequents the herb shop.
(d) Jamie told friends she would cast a spell if he was with another woman.

4. What does Claire learn when she visits Louise?
(a) Louise has stolen the king's scepter.
(b) Louise plans to leave Jules, Prince de Rohan.
(c) Louise is Jamie's cousin.
(d) Louise is pregnant with Prince Charles' baby.

5. When Fergus rides a wild horse, what does Jamie do?
(a) Fires him.
(b) Scolds him.
(c) Ropes the horse.
(d) Grabs him off the horse.

Short Answer Questions

1. What country are Jamie and Claire barred from?

2. After Jaime and Claire clear their minds and fall asleep, Claire calls which name out loud in her sleep?

3. When Roger drives to Brock Tuarach, what does he find?

4. After investigating the Fraser home, what does Roger do before he continues his search for information regarding Claire's list of Fraser men?

5. After Jamie reads a letter signed by James Stuart, what does he say?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Claire troubled by a memory she suddenly has in which Mary is about to marry Jonathan Randall in the year 1745?

2. Explain what Claire concludes regarding the gold wedding ring still on her hand and the connection between Frank and Randall.

3. Roger discovers an old newspaper with Claire's name and picture on it. He reads the words "Returned from the Dead." What does he learn from this article?

4. How do Claire and Jamie feel about returning to Lallybroch?

5. How does Claire feel about Louise trying to abort her unborn baby?

6. Describe Claire's abilities as a caregiver at the hospital.

7. Claire learns from Fergus the truth regarding why Jamie insisted on dueling Randall despite promising her that he wouldn't. What is the real reason for the duel?

8. In Chapter 5, Claire begins to explain to Roger and Brianna something very important about her past. What is she trying to tell them?

9. Claire is researching an old battle fought in Scotland. What is she trying to find out?

10. Explain what Jamie goes through when he gives Fergus ten lashes.

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