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Diana Gabaldon
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Claire sneak out of Fontainebleau?
(a) Threatening to put a curse on the servants if they're not quiet.
(b) Hiding in the linens.
(c) Pretending to be Louise.
(d) Shoving a servant into the closet and escaping by carriage.

2. When Claire arrives at Mary's house to tend to her wounds, the servants:
(a) Try to keep her from going in.
(b) Hide in the attic.
(c) Bring her whiskey.
(d) Welcome her in.

3. What does Jamie do to Fergus reluctantly?
(a) Withholds food from him until the following evening.
(b) Gives him ten lashes.
(c) Tells him to clean all the chimneys.
(d) Gives him a long lecture.

4. After deciphering an intercepted cryptic letter that is meant for Charles, what do Jamie and Claire realize about him?
(a) He's being framed for treason.
(b) He's acting on his own.
(c) He is Fergus' father.
(d) He lies habitually.

5. At the grand ball at the king's palace, what does Jamie do upon finding a young man trying to seduce Claire?
(a) Takes Claire by the hand and the couple leave the palace.
(b) Punches the man.
(c) Laughs at the young man's impudence.
(d) Dumps the man into a fountain.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Jamie's duel, how long is Claire at the hospital?

2. Which statement best describes Brianna?

3. After Mary writes a statement about the rape, what does Claire do?

4. After decoding one of the letters, what does Jamie determine about James?

5. When Claire's hair is revealed from underneath her hood, what do her attackers call her?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Claire and Jamie feel about returning to Lallybroch?

2. In Chapter 24, Claire gets the feeling that Jamie has gone to kill Randall after all. What was the clue that led to Claire's conclusion?

3. Claire is researching an old battle fought in Scotland. What is she trying to find out?

4. How are the many gatherings and palace ball affecting Claire in her pregnant state?

5. What secret has Claire been keeping from her daughter Brianna about her father?

6. After Jamie is released by the king, he and Claire are reunited. Describe their time together.

7. Describe Claire's abilities as a caregiver at the hospital.

8. Explain what Jamie goes through when he gives Fergus ten lashes.

9. What paranormal event seems to take place in Chapter 25, and how does it help Claire?

10. How does Claire feel about Louise trying to abort her unborn baby?

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