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Diana Gabaldon
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Claire shares with Jamie her idea to save his men from being led to slaughter, who overhears her plan?
(a) Murtagh.
(b) Willie.
(c) Alec.
(d) Dougal.

2. What does Jamie's grandfather say is keeping him up at night?
(a) Feeling as though he needs to urinate.
(b) His battle fears.
(c) Noises in the house.
(d) A constant ache in his chest.

3. What's inside the unmarked packages Claire receives from time to time?
(a) Letters.
(b) Herbs and stones.
(c) Sweets.
(d) Clothes and shoes.

4. What does Clair give Alex for his conditions?
(a) An ointment for his skin.
(b) Pain medication.
(c) Cough medicine and herbs for his heart.
(d) Herbs to calm his stomach.

5. What does Jamie say that shocks his grandfather?
(a) Jamie isn't really his grandson.
(b) Claire has healing powers.
(c) Jamie is unhappy about how his father was treated.
(d) Claire is a white lady.

6. Jamie's grandfather, Lord Lovat, believes that:
(a) Everyone is out to get him.
(b) Claire is a witch.
(c) Jamie is not his grandson.
(d) Claire is not Jamie's wife.

7. Jack Randall offers Claire information on the upcoming battle in exchange for what?
(a) A particular letter from Charles.
(b) Sexual favors.
(c) Food rations.
(d) Medical treatment.

8. After the Duke of Sandringham locks Claire up, refusing to release her until she gives him battle information, who rescues Claire?
(a) Alex.
(b) Jamie.
(c) Fergus.
(d) Murtagh.

9. At the start of the book's final chapter, where do Claire, Roger, and Brianna set off to in the night?
(a) Cemetery.
(b) Library.
(c) Standing stones.
(d) Church.

10. In Chapter 39, what instructions does Charles give Jamie regarding battle plans?
(a) Delay the battle.
(b) Take the battle to the south.
(c) Protect him at all costs.
(d) Head north.

11. After Claire meets with the Duke of Sandringham and he escorts a man into the room with them, Claire recognizes the mark on the man's hand. From where does she remember it?
(a) From the man who tried to rape her in the alley.
(b) From a sailor in the ship.
(c) From one of Jamie's soldiers.
(d) It's the same mark she saw on an emblem in Charles' house.

12. What does Alex announce to the small group gathered around him when he is close to death?
(a) He wants Jack to wed Mary and take care of her.
(b) He will marry Mary.
(c) Jack should never marry.
(d) He wants Mary to wed whomever she wants.

13. Even though she is going to marry another man, whose child is Mary carrying?
(a) Murtagh's.
(b) Jack's.
(c) The Duke's.
(d) Alex's.

14. What diagnosis does Claire give Alex?
(a) Smallpox.
(b) Tuberculosis.
(c) Mumps.
(d) Measles.

15. Claire mentions to Roger the possibility that Geillis could be:
(a) His mother.
(b) His great, great-grandmother.
(c) His neighbor.
(d) An ancestor on his mother's side.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Claire and Jamie arrive at Culloden House, what does Alec reveal?

2. With several people already gathered around Alex, who is now close to death, who is the last visitor to arrive?

3. When Claire asks Alex if she can share the state of his health with Randall, he says:

4. What does Ian think about going to battle?

5. What does Claire ask after being questioned by Colonel Gordon MacLeish Campbell?

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